Тина Тернер рассказала о смерти сына

In July of this year occurred a terrible tragedy in the family of Tina Turner. Died eldest son of the singer, 59-year-old Craig Raymond Turner. His body was found in the area of Studio city, California. As reported by TMZ, the man committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol. Four months later, tragedy commented Tina.

“I still don’t know what pushed him to the edge. He was great, he found his love. Shortly he told me he had never experienced such strong feelings for a woman. He was going with her to meet. It had to happen at the celebration of his birthday in August. He did repairs in the apartment, I bought him a few years ago. He found work in California, which was indescribably happy,” said Tina in an interview for BBC News.

Despite the fact that she doesn’t understand how this could happen, Tina admits her son was withdrawn. The singer also thinks that he was alone. “My only explanation — he was very lonely. But I still don’t understand why, if he was bad, he didn’t call his new girl who is so supportive of him? He was an introvert. Very shy, modest. It was difficult to understand, so I did not notice the changes that had happened to him shortly before his suicide. Only now I realize that they were,” admits Tina. She also said that is not afraid of death.

Recall that in mid-October will be released autobiography of American singer Tina Turner, some of the facts of which have already appeared in the media. In 2016, Tina was diagnosed with a terrible disease, cope with whom he helped to survive her lover.

In 2016, Turner was diagnosed with bowel cancer. The singer refused treatment, preferring chemotherapy homeopathy. As a result of this “preference” in a year Tina has developed kidney failure, to cope with which only a transplanted organ. To receive a donor organ in Switzerland, where she lived, and lives, the singer, is practically impossible, and had to act quickly. Then the Savior turned out to be Erwin Bach, who was ready to sacrifice for the sake of the beloved.

Says the singer, the act of her husband, infinitely shocked. She didn’t even think he would agree, therefore and asked. The transplant of the organ took place in April 2017.

“I was wondering, think anyone that donation Erwin was in any way business. Considering how long we’ve been together, I can’t believe were still people who prefer to believe that Erwin married me for my money and fame. What young men need from older women? Erwin always ignored the rumours,” said Turner.

For Erwin Tina got married in 2013 — she was 74 years old, and he’s 58 years old. Before the wedding the couple lived together for 27 years.

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