Тина Тернер отпраздновала свое 80-летие

Тина Тернер отпраздновала свое 80-летие

Last week, November 26, celebrated the 80th anniversary of the American singer Tina Turner. Her life was filled with a huge number of events that you could rent a great Hollywood series. In honor of her birthday on Broadway even put a musical on the history of her biography. About the most important events in her life read on.

Tina Turner is the pseudonym of a woman, her real name is Anna bullock, she was born on the farm where lived her parents. From an early age she worked in the plantations picking cotton with her big sisters, and on Sundays sang in the Church choir, where she realized that singing for her is something more.

Tina’s childhood was not carefree. Her father often beat the mother, so one terrible day, she simply Packed up and in the night fled from the house, leaving the husband and children. The singer always told me that never felt maternal love, and indeed she was unwanted in the family. The father could not himself educate girls and sent them to live with her mother. My grandmother died 5 years later, and Turner took all the same mother.

Tina says have always been communicative, she was well developed relationships with peers. Mostly her friends were guys in College, she was part of the team in basketball and was also involved in cheerleading. After graduation, immediately got a job as a nurse in local clinic.

In younger years, she often went to night clubs with her sister. Once the girl heard as the singing soloist of the group “King of rhythm” IKE Turner. She was impressed by what he heard and set a goal: to sing at least once with him on stage. And she had such a possibility in a few years. At one of the concerts of the group, the drummer handed her the microphone and she performed the famous hit, after which it a person interested in the soloist.

This event was the most fateful in her life. She saw two options: to sing on stage with the band or to work in the hospital.

At the age of 18 years, Tina convinced IKE to give her the opportunity to sing in a band and he agreed. She lived in the house where lived the entire staff of the group, and began a relationship with a saxophone player. Soon she got pregnant and the guy abandoned her. And beloved IKE realized that Tina was pregnant by him. The girl decided to shoot Turner, but during the showdown shot herself, but survived.

The celebrity gave birth to a son and in two years only beginning of the relationship with IKE. In the same year gave birth to his second child, and after some time they got married. The singer in my entire life were officially married 10 times, because of its obnoxious nature. Tina is suffering from spouse, as he would often put a hand to her.

Tina has long endured the violence and continued to live with him. At one point she fell into a deep depression and decided to retire from life, but time changed his mind and divorced a tyrant, thus left with small change in his pocket and the bruises all over her body.

In the 80’s, Tina decided to return to his career and her new hit What’s Love Got To Do With It made the singer popular. In 1984 has already started her world tour. She got immediately into the Guinness book of world records as the female singer who has assembled the largest paid audience (more than 188 thousand people).

The terrible tragedy she had to endure in the summer of 2018. Her eldest son has decided to commit suicide at the age of 59 years. She still doesn’t know what induced him to take this step, men had everything to enjoy life, but he never talked about the problems, maybe this was the reason.

Tina also suffered a lot of problems related to health. Initially she had a stroke and she was learning to walk again, a few years later, she learned that it hurts to bowel cancer. Thank God nothing happened, although the singer has lost all hope in life.
On the day of his 80th birthday celebrity published an appeal to his fans on Twitter. She said that looks good, feels good, although continues to struggle with their illness. She thanked life for a second chance and admitted that he considers himself a happy man.


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