Tina spoke about the quarrels with her husband

Карина Кокс рассказала о ссорах с мужем
Currently, ex-member of group “Cream” Tina devoted herself to family and raising children.

Карина Кокс рассказала о ссорах с мужем

The singer is happily married to her husband Eduard Nagievym, and they grow two charming daughters. In recognition of Karina, in her family there are quarrels, but it happens very rarely.

Карина Кокс рассказала о ссорах с мужем

“It is only that we do not converge views on something. I’m not a conflict person, so I find it easier to first address the omission with her husband. I remember once the girls were afraid that the Pope began to speak. They thought he was shouting at me. And Edik simply just a habit to speak loudly. So I calmed Kamil and Alan, now they are already accustomed to the manner of talking of the Pope,” said Karina.

The singer admitted that he will soon present a new song together with her husband, he persuaded her to return to work.

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