Tina Kandelaki told how to keep the relationship with your loved

Тина Канделаки рассказала, как сохранила отношения с любимым TV presenter and producer has shared a personal experience. According to Tina Kandelaki, the couple must work in order to maintain harmony in marriage. Celebrity also thanked her husband Vasily Brovko and congratulated him on his birthday.
Тина Канделаки рассказала, как сохранила отношения с любимым

For that month the public is discussing the sex scandals in Hollywood. Recently, Uma Thurman made a stunning revelation about how she was molested by Harvey Weinstein. The Hollywood star also said that he almost died on the set of the movie “Kill bill”, and told about the betrayal of Quentin Tarantino. The news came as a surprise to fans of Thurman. They could not think that for several years the celebrity was in an extremely tense relationship with Tarantino, who called her Muse. TV presenter and producer Tina Kandelaki decided to speak on the resonant theme of harassment.

“We, Russian women, the topic of harassment do not understand. Historically not understand, because in the Anglo-Saxon system, women have long been powerless. After the death of his father, an unmarried woman could work or a governess, or a writer. Hence the rise of the English women’s literature from Emilia Bronte to Jane Austen. And in the Russian tradition to speak with Diderot and Voltaire on an equal was quite a royally and feminine,” – said the star.

Continuing his arguments about the position of women in society, Tina Kandelaki has shared his thoughts about the institution of marriage. Celebrity believes that in the 21st century it has undergone significant changes. As suggested by the presenter, the couple must work to preserve the family. The star told about their personal experiences.

“We must find strength for constant development to be interesting to another person. Children together, a sofa and a cat is no stop. So, oddly enough, we must learn constantly, not only for career, but for family preservation. It so happened that in Russia, we women need to be leaders in this process. Working men evolve automatically, we also keep a family, raise children and grow parallel to the satellite velocity. Difficult, but there is no choice if you don’t want to be alone,” shared Kandelaki.

At the end of your post Tina turned to her husband Vasily Brovko and congratulated him on his birthday. 6 Feb husband TV stars turned 31. “Thank you for all the time increase the speed and do not allow my excitement to slow down,” said a celebrity in the microblog.

Note that Tina Kandelaki often shares joint photos with her husband on social networks, believing that personal life should be preserved from public attention. That presenter legalized relations with Vasily Brovko, became known only in 2016. In an interview Kandelaki admitted that compromise for the sake of a loved one.

“If to speak about me, it was a struggle. The struggle between the desire to change for a loved one – it seemed that the Transfiguration would give me a guarantee that I’ll always be with him, and the fact that you don’t need to change. And on the other hand, with age, it is important that adored you. A lot of questions,” said the star.