Tina Kandelaki told how the young man keeps

Тина Канделаки рассказала, как удерживает молодого мужа
The TV presenter has revealed the secret idyll in the family.

Tina Kandelaki and Vasily Brovko

Photo: @Instagram tina_kandelaki Tina Kandelaki

Tina Kandelaki older than her husband, Basil Brovko for 10 years. By modern standards, the difference is not that big. Moreover, the star looks great, and still interested in youth trends and fashion, enjoys good nutrition and spends a lot of time in the gym. Kandelaki and knows exactly what to do to keep the man beside him.

Tina I’m sure men pull away from women who cease to be of interest to them. “In a rapidly changing world the institution of marriage is rapidly changing. Due to 24 hour information exchange, the man and woman quickly become each other’s uninteresting. So move on to the next relationship and the next and so on to infinity, and full of disappointment. And it is necessary to look in itself. To be able to continuous development in order to be interesting for whatever reason to another person. Children together, a sofa and a cat is no stop — said Kandelaki. — So, oddly enough, we must learn constantly, not only for career, but for family preservation.

It so happened that in Russia, we women need to be leaders in this process. Working men evolve automatically, we also keep a family, raise children and grow parallel to the satellite velocity. Difficult, but there is no choice if you don’t want to be alone. So, thank you for all the time increase the speed and do not allow my excitement to slow down!”

Recall that in 2016 Kandelaki was married a second time. A wedding with the Director of communications of the state Corporation “rostec”, the presenter carefully concealed. Prior to that, she was for many years married to Andrei Kondrahina, the father of her two children, Melania and Leontius.