Тина Канделаки вляпалась в неприятный скандал
Tina Kandelaki was a bad the to talk about the death of a famous person.

Тина Канделаки вляпалась в неприятный скандал

Tina posing in a jacket, which allocates the chest First so that there want something to shove.

The Tina suggested under such unusual photo to reflect on a bygone era of humor.

“This week went by Roman Kartsev, and with him went a whole era of humor.

Due to the penetration of technology in our lives has changed everything, including the humor. It is becoming more and more visual; if the entire video to remove, the text is not so funny. Today humor is more interactive, topical and relevant.

And in the twentieth century, he was a remarkably intelligent and refined. Humor zhvanetskogo or Kartseva could understand, being the only educated man.

Remember the brilliant miniature Zhvanetsky about “cancers by five”?

Kartsev, speaking with her, was forced to laugh contemporaries, who are also rushing, choosing “three” or “five”, although in reality couldn’t choose in the absence of choice.

He was cool phrase out of time, which I love: “do Not know how to love – sit.”.”.

Well, looking at this picture, Tina wants to offer the love and even friendship, and sex. How do you think?