Тина Канделаки высказалась о скандале с Леонидом Слуцко

Unfolded around the MP Leonid Slutsky, the scandal has gradually subsided, after the state Duma Commission on ethics has not found his actions are no violations. Despite this, the debate on the network continue and join in with them all. Tina Kandelaki has published on his page in Instagram from two posts on this topic.

“Yes, women go in short women wear heels, and thus, especially in the spring, cause some expected male reaction. The beauty of it, we don’t mind. But who said that the woman is at work at the most inopportune and unexpected moment, I want to light and sudden massage of intimate areas? Especially from the Deputy. Especially in his office. Especially during interviews,”
– posted by Tina.

Kandelaki claims that this behavior is caused by the knowledge of impunity, as well as men’s weakness. “As a woman of age and experience, I will not say all the obvious things that this psychological and physical violence against journalists is not just because of impunity, Leonid, but there is the problem of male weakness. Let’s say it out loud. Heroes-lovers so just don’t lead. They do not attack out of the corner suddenly, lifting a fingers or by palm with the words “Bunny call,” – said Kandelaki.

In a situation of “shortage of female attention,” she was advised to fill his participation in the program “let’s get married” or the TV show “the Bachelor.” A journalist advised me not to be afraid.

“Colleagues, do not be afraid. In the modern world any official reputation is important. Any such act is the desire to close up a slap in the face and for all to explain homegrown Nero, that the state Duma is not a place for sexual games,” concluded the author of the post.