Tina Kandelaki showed the young husband

Тина Канделаки показала молодого мужа

Tina Kandelaki long made his private life closed to outsiders. About Affairs of the heart”, the presenter is trying to tell you, because I am convinced that happiness loves silence.

Fans were wondering what’s happening on the personal front, their pet. Recently she decided to clarify this question, telling that she married the Director of communications and strategic research of the state Corporation “rostec”, the 29-year-old Vasily Brovko.

Until recently, the Ruble was rather on the young husband not to tell and not show it to the public, on the same day the star made an exception to their own rules and published a photograph with her lover.

Joint photo with her husband Tina signed: “Their combined love of food. When we are together, the food, as in Georgia this family appears by itself”.

Subscribers Kandelaki did not realize that the pictures she captured with her husband. A Brovko took for Sergei Bezrukov and began to wonder what connects these two men.

However, bloggers still managed to understand what was happening and then they fell asleep Tina wishes of happiness and love.

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