Tina Kandelaki showed the figure in bikini

Тина Канделаки показала фигуру в бикини
Currently, Tina Kandelaki is on vacation, and relaxation, she chose the Crimea.

Тина Канделаки показала фигуру в бикини

Company presenter made her husband Vasily Brovko. In the microblog Tina’s photographs of the guests, one of which she poses in a black bikini, showing all his perfect figure.

Тина Канделаки показала фигуру в бикини

“Photos in bikinis — the scourge of our time. So, forgive and understand. Well, not a favorite show, especially when every day without a kilogram is given in the Crimea with difficulty. Very tasty fruit, fish, ice cream. Experts, need your help. How to eat to lose weight?! Plums are incredible, at a time, under a good book, a kilogram goes unnoticed. I’m barely holding on… Not drinking, even on vacation,” said Kandelaki.

Fans were quick to notice that the TV looks just fine and no extra pounds of it does not.

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