Tina Kandelaki shared details of life with a young husband

Тина Канделаки поделилась подробностями жизни с молодым мужем
The presenter told us about his personal life.

Tina Kandelaki and Vasily Brovko

Photo: Instagram.com

Tina Kandelaki congratulated in social networks husband — Vasily Brovko happy birthday. Wife of TV presenter turned 30. Tina said in a microblog that the most valued family life with her husband, who is younger than her 11 years.

“My favorite picture of you… We are well and we are in the house… You’re 30 and we are forever together! We are still not bored because you can come up with, and I still believe in your fantasies. So they became our world will change with us. The more interesting the coming decade with you, my Pavelic!” — said Tina.

Tina does not like to dwell on the subject of personal life. His relationship with young lover Kandelaki at first concealed. She is strictly classified their wedding last year. Only after the media leaked the information that the TV star was replaced by family status, Tina began to officially go out with my husband.

Kandelaki says little about her husband. It is known that Vasily is the Director for special assignments of the state Corporation rostec. The presenter has with her husband is not only personal, but business relationship. They worked together on several projects. Including over the national educational project “Smart school”. Besides Tina and Basil was engaged in financing of Internet projects dealing with the development of an educational software for schools.