Тина Канделаки вышла замуж

TV presenter and General producer of TV channel “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki admitted that she got married. Her husband, the media called Vasily Brovko.

In early March of 2016 Tina Kandelaki in an interview with Tatler magazine said that for a long time is in a relationship. “We had a lot of years together. We are not just together in the everyday sense of the word, together we have grown and developed. He taught me, and I him. With him was interesting because we were always trying to surprise each other with new knowledge, experiences and emotions. And he knows how to make me laugh. This is important, because a man without self-irony and sense of humor is not exactly my man,” said TV presenter and General producer of “Match TV”.

June 11, in a fit of emotion after successful for the Russian national football team of the outcome of the game against England at the European Championships (teams tied) Kandelaki admitted that she got married. “The husband in ecstasy! Me too! Neighbor, native, did not disappoint!” — wrote Kandelaki on Twitter, meaning “neighbor,” Vasily Berezutsky, who scored the decisive goal.

The press reports that the husband of TV presenter, most likely, is Vasily Brovko, 29-year-old communications Director, Analytics and strategic research of the state Corporation “rostec”. Insiders confirmed this information to the magazine Hello!.

Tina Kandelaki was already married to a businessman and artist Andrey Kondrahina. They divorced in 2010. In marriage they had a daughter Melanie and son Leonty.

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