Тина Канделаки потратила баснословную сумму на подарок мужу Media Manager and presenter, who rarely talks about his personal life and beloved wife of Vasily Brovko, gave an interview to the new Dmitry Portnyagin. Tina Kandelaki admitted that he loves to indulge soulmate unexpected surprises.
Тина Канделаки потратила баснословную сумму на подарок мужу

General producer of “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki became the heroine of the new issue of the blog of Dmitry Portnyagina, who appeared on his channel “Transformer”. The leader and the media Manager invited the worker of the Internet to the TV channel and told about their work, and answered some personal questions during interviews.

Portnyagin decided to ask First, what is the most expensive gift she gave to loved ones. Star could not remember the exact amount, but said that once decided to organize an incredible surprise spouse Vasily Brovko.

“Husband. Trip. Can’t remember how much it cost, but it was expensive – with a business class, expensive hotel and so on. He remembered it, I forgot… In Dubai. I think it cost about a million… And I remembered that gave him the group. All of my big surprises associated with the gifts my husband,” concluded Tina.

The celebrity also revealed the kind of quality of men she finds most sexy. Smiling, the host noted that members of the opposite sex she likes a sense of humor.

Talking with Dmitry Portnyagin, Tina Kandelaki showed their awareness of Internet trends. On the question of why Khovanskii drinking beer, star retorted that she was more surprised by the unexpected Duo of blogger with Malikov. In addition, the celebrity spoke about Yuri Dude the fans sometimes compare with Vladimir Pozner. Many believe that they are the true professionals.

Тина Канделаки потратила баснословную сумму на подарок мужу“Yura has not been such a number of interviews with such people. Let’s see how he will develop. But Yura on the hype. And I’m glad he started on the “Match TV”, – explained the star.

Tina Kandelaki admits that her work is not a simple. The woman says that such activities – a challenge which she accepted. Talking with the blogger, the celebrity revealed their methods of managing a large team in excess of two hundred people.

“I don’t like micromanagement and don’t do them in many areas I have deputies or subordinates that I trust. I generally build my work on trust. Sometimes, of course, is that you trust them, and they can break in the process or that something can happen, they can’t cope… Or they can just fizzle out, on the TV, this also happens. Vladimir Gerasichev once told me: “People can be forced to run. But to get them to run faster than the speed at which they run, you can’t” – shared Kandelaki.