Tina Kandelaki has shared his secret to a happy marriage

Тина Канделаки поделилась секретом счастливого брака TV presenter admires her husband. Tina Kandelaki is married to a lover last winter, however, long kept this happy event a secret from the General public. Now a celebrity with a secret to share with subscribers.

      Popular TV host and General producer “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki last winter, married their partner and a business partner – Director of communications, Analytics and strategic research of the state Corporation rostec Vasily Brovko. The couple chose to hide from the public of changes in his personal life. Over time, however, Kandelaki became more to tell about family life. Today, on the birthday of his wife, Tina confessed the secret of their happy marriage.

      “My favorite picture of Us… well, we are in the house. You’re 30, and we are forever together. We are still not bored because you can come up with, and I still believe in your fantasies. So they became our world will change with us. The more interesting the coming decade with you, my firlik,” wrote Kandelaki on Twitter.

      Fans were delighted from the fact that the media personality talks so openly about family life. They again admired the family idyll Kandelaki and Brovko. Followers consider them the perfect couple. “Great! Young, handsome, you look very nice!”, “Congratulations! Be happy! Prove to us that there is light eternal love”, “You are both awesome! Happy birthday! If you will be comfortable with each other! Love-love,” wrote the loyal fans.

      Tina Kandelaki happy that we were able to find a soul mate. With Basil she met in 2008, but then they were tied strictly business. Friends of the couple noted that the presenter did not immediately drew attention to the courting males. According to them, Basil had to prove that he is worthy of love is self-sufficient and strong woman. Tina Kandelaki: “My husband is a fan of “Zenit”

      “When you love something, never lose yourself, compromise for your sake. If to speak about me, it was a struggle. The struggle between the desire to change for a loved one – it seemed that the Transfiguration would give me a guarantee that I’ll always be with him, and the fact that you don’t need to change. And on the other hand, with age, it is important that adored you. A lot of questions,” said White in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.