Tina Kandelaki has ignited a “war” between fans

Тина Канделаки разожгла «войну» между фанатами
In the life of TV presenter has undergone.

Tina Kandelaki

Photo: @tina_kandelaki (Instagram Tina Kandelaki)

Tina Kandelaki recently admitted she’s already 40 days categorically does not eat fish. Prior to this, the star has refused meat and various other products. And some time in the list of personal “thepresence” Kandelaki proved and seafood. She explains her decision to become a vegetarian that is struggling so with the signs of ageing. According to Tina, since she’s stopped eating fish, the condition of her skin improved significantly.

“Yesterday, one day changed myself and now thinking whether to switch to a full vegetarianism. The beautician said that has changed color and skin tone… better, although the amount of protein decreased. Version, the body including compensatory, and then we’ll see. While vegetable protein gave an excellent result!” — said Kandelaki.

Her statement sparked controversy subscribers in the comments. Tina accidentally pushed their heads, vegetarians and “meat eaters”. Those not mince words, began to discuss the benefits and harms that bring meat and fish products to the body. “What nonsense! Fish needed for good skin!”, “All backfire after 45, since the full diet needed by the body, From any meat body some problems. All right!”, “I agree! Fish and lean human body does not need,” wrote Tina.

Incidentally, the piquancy of the situation adds the fact that First loves to cook. She is a fan of Georgian cuisine and can cook almost every national dish.