Tina Kandelaki hard disgraced young rapper

Тина Канделаки жестко опозорила молодого рэпера Celebrity decided to demonstrate his abilities as a hip hop artist. Tina Kandelaki said Ivan milky, earlier caused her to battle. The presenter recorded a Diss on the opponent, in which he ridiculed it.
Тина Канделаки жестко опозорила молодого рэпера

TV presenter Tina Kandelaki has publicly insulted a 23-year-old rapper Ivan milky, who had previously recorded her Diss. The star could not stay aside and introduced the track and read the same bit as her opponent.

Тина Канделаки жестко опозорила молодого рэпера“You call this a beef? Catch the Diss on the milky – analysis of the image of the opponent and a new reading of the track of diabetes,” wrote the celebrity on Twitter.

Social media users praised Tina for your courage. According to them, the star is quite well read a rap. “Repite. Here is the real coup,” “Beautiful, our fighter”, “Heat”, “How do you come up,” – discussed on the Internet. At the same time, some criticized a bit, thinking that White could choose another, more unusual melody.

Previously producer Valery Tököl, which participates in the STS show “a Success,” said Tina recorded the track in his Studio. The company star was the rapper Rickey F. apparently, he was helping leading the response to an opponent.

Ten days ago, the milky rapper recorded a Diss on Tina Kandelaki, remembering her participation in the program “The cleverest” and shooting in the Playboy magazine. In addition, hip-hop-performer spoke about the programming grid of the TV channel “Match TV”, the General producer of which is a star.

Тина Канделаки жестко опозорила молодого рэпера“In the years since 10-11 I loved the transfer of “Most intelligent”. I dreamed that someday will be on that podium in front of her – Tina. Will follow her lips, trying to catch every word in order to correctly answer her question. In 2007, I stumbled upon those pictures and already couldn’t help myself… And now a cruel blow to the heart. Tina, why are you doing this?” – milky wrote on his page in “Vkontakte”.
Тина Канделаки жестко опозорила молодого рэпера

The reason for the proceedings between the artist and Tina Kandelaki served as their altercation on Twitter. It all started with the movie in which one of the participants mentioned the star during the “Versus”. “Thank you, but I, unlike milky, the text does not forget,” joked the host.

Answer rapper doesn’t have long to wait. Milky gave to understand that is highly offended by the opinion of the stars. “He looked fresh tweet Tina Kandelaki. For reference, of course, thank you, but chattering with a text before my eyes everyone can. Go to “versus”?” – he turned to celebrities. Kandelaki took the milky offer and agreed to take part in a rap battle.

“If you really want to know who a piece of paper, and who, purely for the hype, I accept the offer – because not all sandperl battling,” said Tina.