Тину Канделаки поздравили с появлением малыша
The presenter took a video during “childbirth”.

Tina Kandelaki on the eve flew to Ryazan in order to give a lecture at the forum “the Digital transformation of the region.” During a trip the star had a unique chance… to take delivery of the robot. Tina attended the training of student midwives in Ryazan medical University. Kandelaki was the first one after birth, picked up a newborn “baby”. At this point present nearby doctors turned to Tina: “It’s a girl! Congratulations!” Tina was embarrassed and gave training doll experts.

Tina Kandelaki

Photo: @Instagram tina_kandelaki Tina Kandelaki

Birth robot in Ryazan inspired Tina to say: she thinks about becoming a mother for the third time. Some fans believe that Tina supposedly already too late to have a baby. However, if Irina Mlodik in 55 years to be able to carry and give birth to the child, the 42-year-old Kandelaki there is still plenty of time to decide on the replenishment of the family.

Recall that in 2016, Tina married Vasily Brovko, who was younger than her 12 years. The age difference between spouses is not noticeable, as Kandelaki frankly admits that does not feel his age on the passport.