Тина Канделаки сравнила дочь с первой леди США Melania Kondrahin striking in its beauty. Grown-up heiress Tina Kandelaki becomes a copy of his stellar mom. TV presenter and businesswoman has shared a joint photo of the daughter, giving to understand that they both like that girl is the namesake of the wife of the newly elected U.S. President Donald trump.

      TV presenter and businesswoman Tina Kandelaki is known to be a caring mother of two children. However, microblogging celebrity pictures Chad her appear very rarely. According to some information, the heirs of Tina Kandelaki don’t like publicity and do not allow the mother or to talk about them or posting pictures. But apparently sometimes the star fails to convince children to show fans that they could understand Tina Kandelaki can be proud of not only successful career, but also the perfect heirs.

      Businesswoman shared a joint selfie with daughter Melania. The hashtag #MelaniaTrump that Tina Kandelaki was accompanied by a picture, makes it clear that the star really like the fact that her heir is the namesake of the wife of the newly elected U.S. President Donald trump. America’s first lady Melania trump is also a rare beauty, and therefore any comparison with it cannot fail to flatter the young creation. However, it is obvious that Melania Kondrahin inherited the appearance of his mother, that drew in the comments to the post Kandelaki her followers. The girl has charmed them with its beauty and amazing deep blue eyes.

      “You are uniformly charming!”, “A very beautiful daughter. Bottomless eyes”, “your daughter’s Eyes is incredible, angelic beauty!”, “Melanienathan, you are both very beautiful,” “God! What eyes the girl has!”, – have been getting compliments all the Melania Kondrahina subscribers Kandelaki.

      It should be noted that the First daughter Melania Kondrahin, which in January of this year marked 17 years, perhaps the most closed of the known heirs of our country. Girls of marriageable age: the popularity and prosperity of the star heiresses

      The girl has long been strictly forbidden by her mother to publish her photos in Instagram and to say anything in an interview about her life. This option Melania took over. However, judging by her microblog, the daughter of a celebrity leads a normal teenage life: school, partying, hanging out with friends.

      By the way, and Tina Kandelaki does not like to flaunt personal life. We will remind, this spring it became known that Tina secretly married Vasily Brovko, who works as the Director of communications, Analytics and strategic research of the state Corporation “rostec”. Leading met her future husband eight years ago. According to acquaintances couples, Basil had a very long time to take care of Tina, to conquer her heart.