Тина Канделаки прокомментировала свою беременность
The presenter learned about a lot of interesting.

Tina Kandelaki with the husband Vasily Brovko

Photo: Instagram.com

After it became known about the secret wedding of TV presenter, the rumors that Tina Kandelaki pregnant, appear in the media with enviable regularity. This time the flames were fanned by the fact that 40-year-old Kandelaki suddenly replaced workout classes gentle yoga and decided to become a vegetarian. It got fans thinking about the fact that Tina is likely expecting a baby.

“I know about a lot of interesting… Do people tend to believe what they want. Of course, I’m excited about procreation, but, friends, not yet the joyful news of the bedchamber!” — wrote a TV presenter in his microblog. By the way, many fans were delighted at the fact that it is positively disposed in relation to the birth of her third child.

Meanwhile, it is still unknown when exactly the wedding took place Tina and her lover Vasily Brovko. That Kandelaki again became a married lady, it became known casually. Despite the fact that the ring appeared on the ring finger of the presenter last winter, no official confirmation, until recently, was not.

Recall that the TV presenter already has a daughter Melanie and a son Leontius from her ex-husband, businessman Andrei Kondrahin.

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