Timur Yeremeyev stopped to chat with her sister after a DNA scandal

Тимур Еремеев перестал общаться с сестрой после ДНК-скандала
The actor spoke about how are his relationships with Karina of Mishulin.

Тимур Еремеев перестал общаться с сестрой после ДНК-скандала

Karina Mishulina

Photo: @karinamishulina Instagram Karina of Mishulin

Timur Eremeev

Photo: @timureremeev Instagram Timur Eremeeva

At the end of last year, without exaggeration, almost the entire country followed the development of the scandal Karina of Mishulin and Timur Eremeeva. Daughter Spartaka Mishulina flatly refused to acknowledge the 34-year-old actor his brother.

On the eve of New year all has changed dramatically: Karina and Timur were able to reconcile. In December they met at the restaurant and spent a few hours together and then visited Karina at the premiere of “Christmas escape toy”, where Yeremeyev played a major role. But, as it turned out, the conversation between the two heirs of the people’s artist stopped.

Recently during a live broadcast in social networks Timur commented on his relationship with Karina. He made it clear that now is not communicating with my sister, but not because of the fact that the conflict has flashed with new force. Eremeeva is now so busy schedule of touring and appearances, that he hardly finds time for his wife and little daughter nick.

Karina has also worked during new year’s holidays. On the day she gave two performances and, in addition, held working meetings. “There were many performances, interesting meetings! There is an easy, pleasant fatigue, like the sea, but ahead of waiting for something interesting to work with. Can’t say specifically. But sure it will change a lot!” intriguing Karina. The fans hope that from time to time the brother and sister will find time to communicate with each other.

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