Timur Yeremeyev stood up for his sister Karina Mishulina

Тимур Еремеев вступился за свою сестру Карину Мишулину The newly-born son of a famous actor urged social media users to stop the persecution of the actress. Answering questions from the audience of yesterday’s air of “Let them talk”, Timur Eremeev expressed hope for establishing a friendly relationship with Carina of Mishulin.
Тимур Еремеев вступился за свою сестру Карину Мишулину

On Monday in the program “Let them talk” revealed one of the main intrigues of the season. According to the DNA expert, the likelihood that Timur Eremeev is the son of Spartaka Mishulina, is 99,9999%. The daughter of a famous actor Karina has been behind the scenes of the TV show together with her husband. She was very upset that the story of the illegitimate son of the father has gained such great resonance. According to the artist, Timur might come personally to her and not to contact the transmission.

The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina learned the truth about their relationship

Users of social networks began rapidly to discuss the release of a TV show. Many openly criticized the Carina, which was accused of an alleged brother of libel. In the comments to a recent publication of Mishulin Instagram started the debates. “Timur was a worthy son. I believe that children are not to blame. I also had a half brother, I never wished him bad,” “Victory over himself is not a defeat”, “What should be happy family Michelini?”, “Everybody got what they deserved! It hurts everyone, but the truth is more expensive”, – wrote in the Internet.

Тимур Еремеев вступился за свою сестру Карину Мишулину

The next day after the broadcast Timur Eremeev made contact with the followers live Instagram. According to the young man, the day before he was shot to three hours a night. He noted that in the future will be broadcast new editions of “Let them talk”, which will show the continuation of the sensational stories.

“Friends, thank you for your support. From my side there was no malice. All this fireworks, cakes invented the First channel. I am very grateful they helped me, otherwise it would be difficult. I don’t want so to celebrate it,” – said Eremeev.

Conversing with followers, Timur spoke about bullying Karina on the Internet. Yeremeyev urged the public to calm down and stop condemning daughter Spartaka Mishulina. The young man hopes that he will make friends with my sister. According to Timur, he is always ready to communicate with Karina.

“Guys, do not add fuel to the fire. I think Karin will be easier to accept it all if it will not be increasing. Let’s wait and see how it. As they say, acceptance of the inevitable is inevitable, said Eremeev. – I will be happy to help Karine, I am open to dialogue. No aggression and insults, I think all will be well. I hope that Karina ever going to be friends”.

One of the members also asked Timur if he was going to take the name of the father, to which he replied in the negative.