Timur Yeremeyev came to the defense of Karina of Mishulin

Тимур Еремеев встал на защиту Карины Мишулиной
The actor gives his big sister hurt.

Timur Eremeev

Photo: @timureremeev Instagram Timur Eremeeva

This coming Friday Timur Eremeev and Karina Mishulina, representing the interests of his mother, Valentina, was to meet again in court. About this actor told subscribers in a Network by placing his portrait with the caption: “the photo of the man whose sister loves to sue… Now 2nd of March”. He will be on tour in Surgut, so he will miss the meeting.

Curiously, despite the re-started feud, Timur protects the sister from the attacks in the Network. Finding that spiteful critics in the comments of a post are not flattering expressed about Karina, Eremeev became on its protection.

“Lads! Again. Be correct in relation to Karine and to each other. Did not block and do not erase. I am for freedom of speech! But I hope your education and a sense of proportion!” — appealed to the Network users Timur.

Recall that in late 2017 in a relationship Karina and Timur “broken the ice”, but the truce did not last long. Now Mishulina insists that the results of the DNA test that established her relationship with Yeremeyev, incorrect. It so happened that the story of the illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina divided viewers into two “camps.” Some protect Timur, others standing up for Karina and her mother.