Timur Rodriguez is preparing to open Cannes film festival

Тимур Родригез готовится к открытию Каннского фестиваля
Today in France on the legendary film festival.

Тимур Родригез готовится к открытию Каннского фестиваля

Timur Rodrigez

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

Timur Rodriguez arrived at the 69th Cannes film festival, which starts tonight on the Cote d’azur. The Russian showman had arrived in
France as part of the delegation representing famous cartoon “Angry Birds” — in the Russian version of the film Timur
voiced one of the roles.

This year 69 on account of the Cannes film festival is already being called the
star in its history. Julia Roberts (for the first time!), George Clooney, Robert de
Niro, Nicolas cage, Russell Crowe, Eva Longoria, Steven Spielberg, Charlize Theron, Sean Penn, Kirsten dunst (as jury member) — all of these stars have already started arriving in luxury hotels on the Croisette. The old generation
presented including 80-year-old Donald Sutherland, he is a member of
the jury under the direction of Director George Miller. On the way to Cannes and young actors and Actresses — Christine
Stewart, Lea Seydoux, Marion Cotillard, Elle Fanning. Do not forget about the whole
the squad of supermodels, representing various brands and cosmetic companies.
Business and pleasure – this is the case when girls can
even required to combine these things. Because of their presence in numerous
parties depends on the degree of glamour, which is famous for the oldest festival in Europe.
Many French films in the program and many of the French stars of the first
value among them Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Huppert, Vincent Cassel, Vanessa Paradis — also intend to land on the Croisette. Paradis has already arrived – along with
daughter Lily rose Depp, this year many Actresses are going to pass the baton
their children right on the Cannes red carpet. Pregnant Blake lively (just
a month ago she and her husband Ryan Reynolds announced that the actress
expecting her second child) arrived to the Cannes festival for 2 days before the opening. It
impatience can be understood. 28-year-old actress played a major role
on woody Allen, whose film “Beautiful people” opens 69
international festival on the French Riviera. Blake published in advance in
his microblog photos of the four types of tissue from which stitched her dress to exit
the famous Cannes stairs. In the film, 80-year-old filmmaker also starred
Kristin Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg. Woody Allen for the third time agrees
to give up their job to open the Cannes film festival. In 2002, Hollywood
the finale gave the start of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, and in 2011 picture
Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” (one of his most successful including rentals)
provided a whole constellation of celebrities on the red carpet. Allen
categorically refusing all these years to participate in the competitive program –
how many did not persuade him the President and Director of the festival. “I like the idea
Kanna, when once a year actors and Directors can meet by the sea
to show their work. But to compete with each other? No, I don’t
understand. Anyway that someone starts to talk seriously, who’s an artist
best paints — Matisse or Picasso — woody extravagant as usual. For
the filming of “Beautiful people” Allen, invited the famous cameraman
Of Vittorio Storaro, winner of three Oscars for “Apocalypse of our days” Coppola,
for his film “Reds” Warren Beatty, the film Bernardo Bertolucci “Last
the Emperor.”

Тимур Родригез готовится к открытию Каннского фестиваля

Timur Rodriguez and Omar si

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

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  • Тимур Родригез готовится к открытию Каннского фестиваля
    Timur Rodrigez

  • Тимур Родригез готовится к открытию Каннского фестиваля
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  • Тимур Родригез готовится к открытию Каннского фестиваля
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  • Тимур Родригез готовится к открытию Каннского фестиваля
    Vanessa Paradis

  • Тимур Родригез готовится к открытию Каннского фестиваля
    Kirsten Dunst


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Тимур Родригез готовится к открытию Каннского фестиваля

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