Timur Rodriguez celebrates tin wedding

Тимур Родригез празднует оловянную свадьбу
The entertainer has publicly admitted to his wife in love.

Timur Rodrigez with his wife Anna

Photo: facebook of Timur Rodriguez

Timur Rodriguez and his beautiful wife Anna today
celebrate tin wedding: so the people called the 10th anniversary of joint life.

“We got married on this day exactly 10 years ago. Photo
since the wedding we have, because there was no wedding. But we looked something like this,
as at this party, — said the showman. I don’t know how and why, but this
magic girl puts up with my terrible artistic quirks and habits all
these years. And I remain one of those rare, in these times, a man who to
still married to the same woman! I love you, Anya.”

My wife and Timur met in a nightclub. The girl immediately
showman struck with its beauty and charm. Timur to begin to care for Anna, and
they soon started Dating.

A few months lovers decided to get married, and
2007 Timur and Anna have legalized their relationship. After 2 years they had a son
Miguel, and in 2012, his wife gave birth to another son Daniel.