Тимур Родригез стал новым ведущим «Орла и Решки»
Showman went on a journey with Jeanne badoeva.

Тимур Родригез стал новым ведущим «Орла и Решки»

Timur Rodrigez

Photo: press service of the TV channel “Friday!”

On the TV channel “Friday!” started the new season of “the eagle and
Tails”. Now leading the project in new ways discover the most beautiful places of Russia.

One of the main surprises of the creators of Russian
season was the invitation to a leading role as experienced travelers and
popular artists. So, in one of the issues became a leading showman and singer Timur
Rodriguez. With Jeanne Badoeva he went to Krasnodar to show
viewers new and unexplored routes of the famous Russian resort, and
at the same time and learn what it’s like to travel with “Heads and Tails”.

One of the places visited by Timur, became
legendary football stadium “Krasnodar”. The excursion on it has not started yet,
but for Rodriguez, as the leading “eagle and Tails”, an exception was made.
The artist managed one of the first to see “Krasnodar”, technical
equipment which is better than many European stadiums, and even
practice on “footnote”.

What other places of Krasnodar Krai was in the lenses
cameras popular travel show, and got Rodriguez — unlimited card or
$ 100, today, 21 may at 21:00 on TV channel “Friday!”.

Zhanna badoeva and Timur Rodriguez

Photo: press service of the TV channel “Friday!”