Timur Rodrigez: “Tired of working as well as after sex”

Тимур Родригез: «Устаю от работы так же, как после секса» The actor spoke about the participation in the new project “a brilliant Idea”. Together with the bankers and investors he is a member of the jury of this show. In an interview with “StarHit” Rodriguez admitted that his busy schedule sometimes exhausting, but he’s not ready to give up this life.
Тимур Родригез: «Устаю от работы так же, как после секса»

Actor and TV host Timur Rodriguez became a member of the jury of a new show “a brilliant Idea” on NTV channel. A new project is the first on the Russian Federal TV show about startups with unprecedented large prize pool. Rodriguez agreed with pleasure to participate among the judges of the show.

“This project could really change our reality, that’s the intrigue! All participants “a brilliant Idea” I Express huge respect and admiration, with them our future is beautiful”, – shared with journalists Timur.

“StarHit” talked with the singer about the new show, his business plans and ways of dealing with fatigue.

Timur, how you do it: shooting videos, recording tracks, participated in the TV show family matters? How to restore power?
Тимур Родригез: «Устаю от работы так же, как после секса»Want to know where I have button?! Sometimes I also care about this issue to give yourself a chance to breathe. However, the inability to break away from trouble and saves me all these years! I just don’t allow yourself to get tired. Or, at least, do not allow them to see me like this. As much as I was squeezed, it’s the greatest fatigue in the world. It can be compared perhaps only with the condition after sex.
Тимур Родригез: «Устаю от работы так же, как после секса»
What interested you in the project VEB “a brilliant Idea”?
Тимур Родригез: «Устаю от работы так же, как после секса»In my opinion, this is a real chance to stop the “leak” drain to the West! Plus, not only the opportunity to see brilliant ideas at the stage of their formation, but also the chance to help promote what later will be able to enjoy every second inhabitant of the planet! If a grain of my investment, at least at the level of attracting the attention of the audience, is also important. And we must not forget that among serious bankers and financiers had to sit someone, the discharge setting and leveling the fear of those who presenting his ideas have to be sure that at least one jury member a positive attitude!
Тимур Родригез: «Устаю от работы так же, как после секса»
Maybe you also have some idea for business?
Тимур Родригез: «Устаю от работы так же, как после секса»I implement all my plans. They are usually associated with about creative history. But often I have no time for them, as a matter of fact, and on the hobby! I do not allow myself to be sprayed, as is very busy on the main job.—
Who from the stellar co-workers you feel most comfortable to communicate? Believe that is the friendship between celebrities? Do you have a companion with whom you communicate for many years?
Тимур Родригез: «Устаю от работы так же, как после секса»I feel most comfortable to communicate with a smart, diverse, talented people. In show business, as you know, not as much as it seems. The friendship between celebrities happen in two cases: when there is nothing to divide or when the rapture counterpart 100% sincere. The joy of victory of the other artist there! Sometimes it gives more strength and inspiration than other things. After all, you have the opportunity to share it with a friend, to Express your enthusiasm and desire to make not worse, provoking a response! I have surrounded by people with whom we are associated for many years, but representatives of show business among them.

What you need for full happiness?
To get out of my way to forging his own hands! I am full of ideas and energy. Usually I ask you to support me, not to help. So, of course, the main source of inspiration is my family, my relatives, my friends and my job that allows me to realize the most crazy ideas and implemented in a variety of guises!