У Тимура Еремеева вымогают деньги за результаты генетической экспертизы The son of actor Spartaka Mishulina a long time waging war with his sister Karina, who refuses to acknowledge their kinship. As it became known recently, in December, the actress was found with the alleged brother, and then stole the wand, which he ate, for re-DNA test. Now a friend of Mishulin requires Timur Eremeeva tens of thousands of euros for the results of the examination.
У Тимура Еремеева вымогают деньги за результаты генетической экспертизы

Last December, actors Karina Mishulina and Timur Eremeev was found in one of the Asian restaurants. Then it seemed that between the legitimate daughter and the illegitimate son of people’s artist of Spartaka Mishulina build relationships. Now, however, it became clear that it was only an illusion – after dinner, the table disappeared sticks which ate Eremeev. About six months later, he learned from the friend Karina, who lives in Sweden.

Mishulina repeatedly stated that she does not believe in the examination, which was held in Moscow.

“Think, where are the sticks which you eat”, – said sarin. I thought it was obvious. Karina somehow took them and sent for DNA examination to compare with him. That to me told her friend,” – said Timur.
У Тимура Еремеева вымогают деньги за результаты генетической экспертизы

Eremeev remembered that initiated their meeting in December was Karina. He sincerely believed that their opposition because of their relationship stops. But now the actor is disappointed and confessed that he did not understand the act of Karina. If she asked for a genetic sample, Timur, according to him, would do it with pleasure. And now the artist feels cheated because Kareena literally stole a sample of his DNA.

However, not only a friend of Mishulin’s in this case – as it turned out, this has to do with another girl – friend Zarina. The editors of the program “Let them talk” on the phone with her to learn details of the examination.

“Yes, I gave in clinic samples to do a DNA test. I have the results of the analysis, but are unable to voice them, I know your tricks,” – said the interviewee.

Informed through Karina Zarina sent the Carlson suit, which was made by her father to conduct the examination. But when Timur was passing in Stockholm, she was unable to meet him personally. Now Yeremeyev call and offer money to transfer the results of a new study.

“Zarina, I read a desire to help, about the redemption of said friend. The price was very significant. The number of zeros is four, in euros,” – said the actor.

Lawyer Victoria Eremeeva Krylov recalled that only recently, Karina’s mother Valentina Konstantinovna fought to deny Timur to show his joint photo with Spartak Vasilyevich made after the performance in costume Carlson, and now Karina has a DNA profile. She is afraid that this information can be used in unknown ways.

Timur, who liaises with the Sarin, voiced the message that came to him from her. As it turned out, the girls are ready to provide information not for money but to understand the situation.

“If you look at our program and realize that we the people are decent and honest, will receive these results just because” – retold the content of the correspondence of the actor.