Тимур Еремеев одержал громкую победу над вдовой Спартака Мишулина
The actor has warned fans of “fried” will be disappointed.

Тимур Еремеев одержал громкую победу над вдовой Спартака Мишулина

Timur Eremeev

Photo: Social networks

Timur Eremeev won at this stage, the most important victory in court proceedings with alleged relatives on the part of the actor Spartaka Mishulina.

That court dismissed the suit on protection of honor and dignity of the widow of the famous actor Spartaka Mishulina, it became known late last night. “Just inform! In any case, do not gloat and do not celebrate the victory. Everyone would be better if this claim was not at all…” commented the Grand event of Timur. The fans once again admired the tact Eremeeva.

Timur Yeremeyev came to the defense of Karina of Mishulin

Karina is this situation looks from the other side. “The lawsuit was about honor and dignity, and not on the recognition of his son! By law he continues to be Yeremeyev and no relation to our family has not, but those who call it as such, violate the laws of the Russian Federation, although in our country they break all. And while everyone wants to live well… that dismissed the claim just shows how pathetic our society is. Honor, dignity, love, honesty don’t exist anymore! Anyone can throw in the media mud at another person, to defame and pull dirty linen and anything it for it will not, unless he is friends with “the force,” — said Karina. — We didn’t lose, we just started! And break us out of anyone! No dirty, false transmission or incompetent journalists or angry people who are unhappy from not knowing what a love! The power of the truth! And the truth will prevail anyway! Well, Mr. Yeremeyev I wish to successfully fulfill his contract with 1 channel for a few million. I hope he has become happier for a moment…”