Тимур Еремеев ответил на слухи о пиаре с ДНК-тестом The young actor gave his first interview after the reconciliation with her daughter Spartaka Mishulina Karina. Timur Eremeev openly talked about the fact that genetic examination, as well as participation in the program “Let them talk”.

34-year-old Timur Eremeeva acknowledged son Spartaka Mishulina. DNA examination conducted by the program “Let them talk”, proved that the young actor is the successor of the people’s artist of the RSFSR. Daughter Karina Mishulina not immediately adopted as his brother. At the beginning of the scandal she was accused Timur of libel. Only after all this time Karina was able to establish friendly relations with a close relative.

Very soon young people will appear in the program “Let them talk”, to talk about the difficult path to reconciliation. Recently Timur Eremeev gave an interview in which he said that mean to him the results of the examination. The actor denies that he participated in talk shows in order to increase popularity.

“My audience doesn’t know who the hell is Spartak Mishulin. I would be more profitable to say that I am the nephew of Prokhor Chaliapin or wife Timothy”, – said Timur.

According to Yeremeyev, the story of the DNA was his opportunity to learn more about the father. Fans Mishulina believe that Timur was a copy of his famous parents. They send the young man an interview with Spartak Vasilyevich.

“I gradually came to become an actor. Of course, dad influenced me. Since my childhood, 6-7 years, watched all the performances… I always was what is called, “the topic”, recalls Eremeev. I would be interested to ask his father questions, to communicate. This story brought me positive things, I’ve discovered many new things: send me memories, link to a rare interview. Of course, I didn’t mean for it to turn”.

Timur also shared the instructions which were given it by the father. “He was told to speak loudly and clearly. In man from childhood very much laid, it should not interfere with this to develop. It is foolish to do something you don’t is,” – says the young actor.

In addition, Yeremeyev has told that mean to him shooting in the programs. Each of the editions of “Let them talk”, dedicated to Spartacus Michelino, became the reason for heated discussions on the Network. While some of the audience supported Timur, while others questioned his statements.

“When you walk into the Studio talk shows, you see people for whom you gum. They’ll chew a little, spit out and go on. I’m talking about the audience. The way of the TV, with it nothing can be done”, – quotes the young man “Around the TV”.

Recall that Timur Yeremeyev was born 17 November 1983 in the village of Pervomaisky of the town of Korolev in Moscow region. On account of the young actor role in the TV series “Kitchen”, “Hotel Eleon” and “goodbye, sweetheart.” In addition, Timur is in the troupe of the Moscow Central academic theatre of the Russian army.