Timur Eremeev — of Mishulin: “Karina, stop!”

Тимур Еремеев — Мишулиной: «Карина, остановись!»
The illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina gave a Frank interview.

Timur Eremeev

Photo: personal archive

The scandal called “the daughter of Spartaka Mishulina against his son Timur Eremeeva” started by Karina of Mishulin, gaining momentum and acquires shocking, at first glance, details. Mishulina giving interviews. But all versions are broken in pieces, the iron the arguments and facts from the administration and his mom Tatiana Anatolievna — which, as it turns out, were and are a second family of people’s artist.

We got the details from the horse’s mouth.

— Timur, the alleged sister “found out”, as she said: your mother worked as a janitor in the house where they lived Mishulin.

— I think Karina has not conducted any investigation, but gradually began to admit that she has long been known. Yes, my mother worked as a janitor in the father’s house. I actually do not hide never. Although Karina Mishulina says otherwise. But this is another false information from her mouth: if I was hiding.

— “Another” — means such a lot?

Yes. Karina and myself at times contradict. Starting with the strange statements on the personal page in social networks, where she says, though her father could not be my father because… in 1981, allegedly had an illness that made him sterile. (I was born in ‘ 83.) But what “disease” Karina Spartakovna “awarded” our common father? First “pig”! Let’s calculate that in 1981 Spartak Vasilyevich was 55 years old, and “pig” is generally considered a children’s disease… the Word is not a Sparrow, fly — not catch. Visit Karina in the social network’s version of “pig” left. But then, obviously, thinking, and consulting with experts, Mrs. Mishulina issued another: that her dad had an operation for appendicitis, after which he developed, again, infertility. Version of the Karina. Appendicitis Spartak Vasilyevich, indeed, removed. But much later, in the 90s, I was 10 or 11 years old. My mom remembers more precisely, if necessary. But what I mean is not just lived, but vengeance was in school is the truth. So, how would Karin of Mishulin did not want to return, but the information about my father’s infertility is divided on the facts. Now, by the way, is there a third version out of her mouth — this time about prostatitis. Well what can I say…

— But back to the story with your mom, who worked as a Concierge in the house Michelini.

— Mishulin got her there, to be able to see more of. He was Chairman of the housing cooperative in this house. And he decided whom to employ in the house. And he didn’t ask anyone (the commandant, the senior on the house — what was up with his Carina?) for Tatiana Anatolievna. By the way, some position in the cooperative Spartak Vasilyevich allocated and mother Karina — Valentina. Causing, thus, the dissatisfaction of the tenants, saying that the wife was attached, and she gets paid. On what kind of position he put it down, I don’t know.

— Probably, it is necessary to raise the documents of the housing cooperative.

— Obviously, Yes. Well, my mother, being really engineer of the enterprise in the Queen, getting a proper education, the Concierge went for two reasons. First, in order to be closer to her beloved man and to see him more often. Second, part time job was needed. It’s mom’s principled position is that all her life she worked, could not work. Pull money, be it on the content is not in her rules. Although the father continued to help us, he did it always. Karina, again, in an interview said, though my mother washed the porches and garbage disposal. It’s not true. (I want to stress that personally I have no shame in porches do not see any work is honorable.) My mom asked me to give Karin that the garbage disposal and the house was cleaned Elena Pavlovna Sheluhina, another woman named Zemfira, and Luda from Ukraine. “I cleaned several times, at the personal request of the commandant Natalia Petrovna,” says mom.

Won’t talk about those times. In the next issue of the magazine “Caravan of stories” she would share all the details of their relationship with Spartak Vasilyevich. She didn’t want to tell, but after reading another fiction Karina of Mishulin, decided to do it. By the way, the details. Their is so much that I can’t wait to share them. But doing this now will not, because Karina against me filed and your reasons I’ll save for court.

Karina hard not to listen to what I tell her. Otherwise everyone would have long ago realized. She hears only what she wants.

On talk shows she did not give me to insert the words, otherwise you would have heard that on the copy of the play, which she disparagingly calls “copy” (this relic was kept by my mum), there are edits and notes made by his father’s hand with a pen. It breaks version Karina that my mom is somewhere allegedly stole from the artist’s copy. And proves that the second copy of the play Mishulin, indeed, gave to my mother.

Thanks Karine, I was forced to look for witnesses, and found them — many witnesses of the events with incredible warmth speak about father, tell me unknown details of his us mother relationship. For example, a colleague of Spartak Vasilyevich told that the father talked about his son, and of the fact that standing in his dressing room layout, bequeathed to me as the staging of his latest play. It makes dad and I even closer to each other after all these years.

This same co-worker (and not only her) has confirmed that son Mishulin was not concealed and recognized.

Other examples of juggling Karina? Please. I have never and nowhere said that the father gave or bought us an apartment. In an interview I mentioned that he helped us to get it — and this will agree, are different things.

How it was — again, in detail — maybe to tell my mom. But Karina has trumpeted in interviews, quite the opposite of me.

— In the words of Karina of Mishulin, her life in recent months is like hell: mom was sick, my daughters also had health problems… Says it is because of you, speaks of you only as about the sadist.

— You know, just today friends sent me some old interview Karina of Mishulin. Here is her direct question from this interview, she talked about relationships in his family: “…If I’m wrong, still until the last, I will insist on. Foaming at the mouth to prove it… somewhere time in two weeks I need to let off steam, and he (talking about her husband Ivan – approx.T.E.) let me argue with him, to scream and beat my head against the wall…”. From these words it is clear that the root cause of the experiences in a family is often her behavior in a given situation.

In his interview with Karina insists on calling me “young actor” obviously trying to hurt. I am 33 years old, and her words should obviously take as a compliment.

Note that this is only my second interview. And I’m not going over to court to say anything. But be silent when you come in every day for a few links to fantastic storytelling Karina’s various publications, it is simply impossible.

Karina, I don’t understand your desire to hurt me and my mother his statements. Believe me, revenge will not do, it only adds pain to our family and friends.

Karina, I urge you to stop. You know who turned the story, delicately told me once, in the endless controversial show. I’m asking you not to give out your fantasies, fantasies and versions regularly publicized in the press — for the absolute truth. Moreover, many of them bordering on fiction and steeped in conspiracy theory. To say that this story is “paid harassment”?! And this is a serious accusation and a serious responsibility — for a person who spread such slander.

When did you finally realize: if something can hurt our moms (my mom is going through no less than yours), then it is a war waged exclusively you.