Timur Eremeev about the result of the DNA test: “Spartak Mishulin my dad? It was not a surprise for me”

Тимур Еремеев о результате ДНК-теста: «Спартак Мишулин мой папа? Это не стало для меня сюрпризом» The actor commented on the “StarHit” summary of laboratory studies. Daughter Spartaka Mishulina Karina tried to prove that Timur Eremeev is the son of her famous father. Disputes between the parties lasted for two months.
Тимур Еремеев о результате ДНК-теста: «Спартак Мишулин мой папа? Это не стало для меня сюрпризом»

The day before, December 4, in the Studio program “Let them talk” was announced the result of the DNA examination, which proved that Timur Eremeev is the biological son of Spartaka Mishulina. However, the daughter of a famous actor Karina doesn’t trust the test results and therefore stated that it will continue to defend their point of view and does not recognize brother. The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina learned the truth about their relationship

Timur shared with “StarHit” the sensations that he experienced during the broadcast, when she opened the envelope from the lab.

“The announced results of the DNA test, from which it follows that Spartak Mishulin my dad, a big surprise for me did not. Of course, the excitement was present, simply because the price of someone’s error was extremely high. But the absolute credibility of the laboratory, which, by the way, chose my sister, and specialists of the world level under the leadership of Pavel Leonidovich Ivanov allowed to be confident that the examination will confirm my words about the relationship with Mishulin,” said Eremeev.

For two months, netizens did not stop the heated discussions of family drama Mishulina. Some were on the side of Karina and her mother Valentina Konstantinovna, however, many felt sympathy for the young actor – they supported his position and was respected for the manner of conduct during the broadcast. All participants of the scandal barrage of criticism. Timur asked the users of the Network to be more reserved in expressions that could wound his relatives.

“I would like to address the audience that is following this story and ask people to be gentle in the comments and judgments towards my sister and our moms. And if I had no formal right to such a request, but now, after the official establishment of our relationship, I insist on it”, – said Eremeev.

Now the son of Spartak Vasilyevich wants the hype around his family abated. He believes that should take a little time to ensure that all could realize the news about the relationship Eremeeva with Mishulin. The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina got the results of the DNA test

“In the last days in my head is constantly spinning, the phrase “acceptance of the inevitable is inevitable”. Let’s give this story a little cool. Time heals all wounds,” concluded Timur.