Тимура Батрутдинова заподозрили в пластике Participant of the show “the Bachelor” in the photo turned out too young. Fans of Timur Batrutdinova noted that the change in appearance of a showman too impressive – he was noticeably fresher and younger. The artist himself claims that in the photo there is a younger cap, sunglasses and shade.

      The protagonist of the third season of the show “the Bachelor,” the 38-year-old Timur Batrutdinov has resulted in the present confusion for the subscribers of his microblog. Fans of the showman a very confused picture, which he published while on holiday in Israel.

      The fact that the photo Batrutdinov looks too young, so much so that fans didn’t immediately recognize him as his favourite comedian, star of Comedy Club. Of course, fans immediately began to wonder what so suddenly prettier and younger the artist, and how in his nearly forty years old, he suddenly began to look sixteen. Among the most popular versions of three Israeli surgery miracle surgeons, the amazing anti-aging effect after bathing in the Dead sea and ordinary photoshop.

      “The guy is sixteen?”, “God, I thought the student some” “Indeed, you are very fresh”, “In this photo, like a child. Such visual changes in the last time”, “just a kid” “that’s not it!”, “Great photoshop job. Timur deep wrinkles , which is simply impossible not to notice”, “In the Dead sea rejuvenated?”, “Israeli surgeons have helped?”, – wonder and try to find the reasons for these dramatic changes in the appearance of Timur Batrutdinova of his followers.

      At some point interfered in the discussion and responsible discussion. Showman said that the secret of his youth that it just turned out well in the photo.

      “Guys, it’s all shadow, sunglasses and cap on backwards! I’m still the same old Batruch,” wrote Timur.

      By the way, it is not excluded that Timur Batrutdinov in their appearance in order to find your soulmate. Because participation in the show “the Bachelor” did not help him to establish a personal life. Showman, despite its popularity, continues to be a lonely man, and the fact is it is very frustrating. Timur Batrutdinov suffers from loneliness

      “I’m going through an internal reboot: wonder what they want to see themselves in the future. We must change or stay the way you are now? Look at ourselves, analyze the behavior, character… More just concerned that I’m not married. Compounding the situation is the fact that all around me friends are married. And I always say that time is running out, we are not getting any younger, and so on,” admitted Batrutdinov in an interview. Timur believes that the meeting with the could happen at any moment, and preparing for it.

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