Timur Batrutdinova gave a solo star

Тимуру Батрутдинову подарили персональную звезду
The actor saves the special equipment, allowing to see an expensive gift.

Timur Batrutdinov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Timur Batrutdinov received a gift certificate for a named star in the constellation URSA major. “Now it’s my favorite constellation in the Galaxy — said TV presenter. — Sorry to see your gift to me has not reached to the naked eye the star did not consider the special professional equipment, which I do not. But I’m going to save money and purchase it as soon as possible”.

However, if Timur decides not to spend money on additional equipment, he can borrow it from the star of “Ural dumplings” Ilana St George’s, where a caring husband on birthday gave us not only a star, but a telescope. It established that the wife in the holiday could be considered a gift.

By the way, Timur was the neighbor’s “property” with another actor Denis Matrosov. The fact that Denis, when his son Ivan was three years old, decided to give the child a star in the same as that of Batrutdinova, the constellation. “Perhaps because of your appearance, I learned to love truly, — said the Sailors. Now in the sky one unnamed star was less in the constellation, Big dipper is a small, but very warm star! Star Sailors Ivan Denisovich! We will not, and in the sky, it will Shine for a lot of years!”