Тимуру Батрутдинову изуродовали автомобиль за 5 миллионов Last night, a resident Comedy Club has become a victim of hackers. Timur parked the car on one of streets of Moscow, and he was gone on business. Upon returning showman was shocked to see the mutilated hood of the jeep.
Тимуру Батрутдинову изуродовали автомобиль за 5 миллионов

“Someone deliberately scratched the hood and sketched on it the fragments of drain pipes, – has shared with “StarHit” Batrutdinov. – Most worryingly, this Range Rover I bought recently. It’s brand new! Now the car is in the cabin. The exact amount of damage I have not yet been reported”.

Who could annoy some people? Perhaps the resident of Comedy Club appeared envious. Maybe someone was jealous of him the Queen of Instagram Olga Buzova?

Recall that Buzova and Batrutdinova suspected in the novel – at the beginning of the year. Olga and Timur “accidentally” found themselves in the same places. First the shooting, then – in the restaurant, and soon all in Thailand on vacation. In honor of February 14th the guys even organized a joint photo shoot.

Тимуру Батрутдинову изуродовали автомобиль за 5 миллионов
Тимуру Батрутдинову изуродовали автомобиль за 5 миллионов
“Quite by accident we were back together. This time I am focused not only on the Bottom of all lovers, but also for the upcoming Russia’s football world Cup! This is a truly athletic, Patriotic, a good collection with regards to all to find love!” – Olga shared in social networks.

Fans of Olga and Timur thought they look great together. According to many of them would make a lovely couple.

In the Network appeared even a group dedicated to the communication of the presenter and resident Comedy Club, called “batribike”. The fans of the stars regularly published collages, which hinted at their romantic relationship. And then planned the wedding and Batrutdinova Buzova. In the Internet appeared the intended date of the celebration on 28 October. Internet users were confident that Olga will decide to celebrate an important date in his beloved Barcelona. But their hopes did not come true.

“I met with Tim still 14 years ago when I was a member of “House-2” and I was invited to a Comedy Club as a guest – told Olga “StarHit”. I love his sense of humor. Cool when people can laugh. Even Timur into his family – we have that in common. I was very glad to see him in Thailand, spending time together”.

Earlier Batrutdinov participated in the show “the Bachelor,” in which his heart was beating girls from all over the country. However, the relationship with the winner of the Daria Cananachas not extend for a long time, and Timur was back in the list of eligible bachelors. Interesting coincidence, but Olga Buzova this year will take part in a similar project where similar image is choose suitors, previously passed a hard casting.