Timur Batrutdinova caught with Alena Shishkova

Тимура Батрутдинова застукали с Аленой Шишковой The artist and the girl were left alone in the car. Timur Batrutdinova attributed to many novels. Alena got into the lenses of the paparazzi with other young people.
Тимура Батрутдинова застукали с Аленой Шишковой
Тимура Батрутдинова застукали с Аленой Шишковой

Star Comedy Club Timur Batrutdinov still not decided to tie the knot. Showman is credited with numerous romances with many beautiful women of Russian show-business. In the winter there was talk about the relationship of Timur and Olga Buzova, as they made Garni holiday in Thailand. But soon the celebrity became less and less share of joint staff. A couple of weeks ago Batrutdinova noticed in the company of a spectacular blonde.

“They met quite by chance in a cafe about a month ago, said “StarHit” friends of a resident of Comedy Club. – He liked that Alice is not a modern silicone doll, and a modest, natural beauty. Timur looks for love. Breaks from filming in the middle of the night for an hour, and rushes to meet her, and then back again”.

In a recent video, which was filmed Denchik known video blogger, Timur sits in a luxury car. It turned out that the other front seat is Alena Shishkova, a famous model. Denchik asks.

And by the way, why are you two sitting out here?

– Know where to put it… It’s like flowers: where will plant, and grow there.

Тимура Батрутдинова застукали с Аленой Шишковой

The operator prefers to hide its face, so while chatting with the stars of the removed sunglasses, which may be a reflection of it. In comments to the video, netizens gave heated discussions. “Often Timur Alena”, “Timur – hot! Let’s get it more VIDOS!”, “Timur is cool. something quiet,” wrote a follower.

Some time ago, the Cone was attributed an affair with Pavel Durov, a prominent businessman and Creator of a social network “Vkontakte”. However, none of them confirmed this information. Batrutdinov accustomed to living alone. According to him, he was so comfortable. “You live alone – safely, shared Timur. You don’t get poisoned, because you yourself culinarily, do not lie that love is evil… But most importantly – no need to hide Affairs from his wife, because she’s not!”