Timur Batrutdinov was suffering from loneliness

Тимур Батрутдинов страдает от одиночества The friends of the showman and resident Comedy Club has already started families, and hasten it. It can not pressure the artist. He was very upset that so far has not found his beloved.

      Тимур Батрутдинов страдает от одиночества

      38-year-old Timur Batrutdinov is still not married. In recognition of the showman, until he had found a kindred soul. However, almost all the friends of the comedian have already started families and encouraged him to do the same. And Yes single life does not make the TV star is happier. Betredinova something missing for a full life. And he can’t stop thinking about it. Perhaps the trick in creating negative emotional background, also made a mid-life crisis. According to psychologists, the modern men survive this difficult period of rethinking itself in the age of 38-42.

      “I get an internal restart: think about what you want to see yourself in the future. Need to change or stay this way? Look at ourselves, analyze the actions, character… More just concerned that I’m not married. Compounding the situation is the fact that all around me friends are married. And I always say that time is running out, we ain’t getting any younger, and so on,” says Batrutdinov.

      After the Batrutdinov participated in the show “the Bachelor”, he seems to have found his soul mate and even gave her a ring. However novel the humorist with the finalist of the TV show Daria Kananoja, a native of Kazan, was not long. The couple was forced to leave. According to Daria, the reason for their rupture was a full schedule of TV stars, as well as a huge distance between Moscow and Kazan. Timur and Daria almost did not see each other, in addition, as stated by the girl, the Batrutdinov was not so interested in building relationships as she is.

      Now, a year after the finale of “the Bachelor”, Timur Batrutdinov said that this project helped him to understand what should be his ideal mate. It Timur underwent many trials, he also was forced to constantly face the wrath of the viewers, sometimes not approved his choice of a girl.

      As for the portrait of the woman dreams, the first resident of Comedy Club is not the appearance. He must feel that his girlfriend on the same wave, otherwise long-term relationships, they will not work. The heart cannot be ordered, says the Batrutdinov. Meeting with the can occur at any time, however, if this does not happen, the comedian won’t be disappointed. So is his destiny.

      “If there was a fateful meeting, I’ll be happy. If not, then no luck. I want a baby so he was. I want my child to grow up in love. And while I will not say that alone, but live alone… never can tell. After participating in “the Bachelor” understood, what should be my fiancee. It may not satisfy the criteria that I have, but will still be not my man. Important energy, kinship” — shared Batrutdinov.

      Timur also refutes the rumor that he is a womanizer. Star telelingua confessed his love to women, but, according to Batrutdinova, it is not related to its popularity. Besides, as Timur said in his interview with “TV guide”, he is not alone, but used to be one. And therefore, he lacks peace of mind.

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