Тимур Батрутдинов жалеет, что не женился The comedian believes that could start a family 20 years ago. According to Timur Batrutdinova, it’s bachelor life had taught him to appreciate being alone and feel self-sufficient person. However, he did not despair to meet their soul mate.
Тимур Батрутдинов жалеет, что не женился

Resident Comedy Club Timur Batrutdinov in February next year will be 40 years old. However, the man is still not married. In 2015, he participated in the reality show “the Bachelor.” Despite the fact that his heart fought 25 girls, the comedian was not able to build a strong relationship with any of them. Now the finalists of the third season of the project Galina Rzhaksinsky and Daria Kaneohe all is well in your personal life – they have found family happiness.

But the Batrutdinov is not yet able to meet a girl that would like to go down the aisle. Timur admitted that he is not any clear criteria and especially high requirements on the beloved. The main thing to accept it for what it is. However, now the showman was sorry he hadn’t married before. Timur Batrutdinov signed up on a Dating site

“Probably to get family in 20 years, and may be all turned in another direction. And there would be no “the Bachelor,” and even a Comedy Club would not exist. Or I’d buy a Comedy Club for corporate events”, – said Timur.

Batrutdinov no secret that every year hoping for a fateful meeting that will change his life. But now the comedian prefers not to plan anything and not worried about your age. In his opinion, growing older, he’s gaining experience. Timur Batrutdinov hinted at impending wedding with Olga Buzova

“I used all clearly planned. For example, to marry and to conceive their first child at 27. But as you know, I want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans”, – says the Batrutdinov.

Timur with his usual irony admits it is not seeking to acquire a pet, as this may further alienate him from family life. However Batrutdinov used to being alone and feels quite comfortable without a wife. He said in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine that enjoys what all the time to devote only to themselves.

“I feel good alone. It may sound awful, but I did enjoy it. When possible, I like to be alone, read a book, watch a movie or play video games. After conflict situations at work, cool to run and save the world”, – said the resident of Comedy Club.