Timur Batrutdinov plans to marry

Тимур Батрутдинов планирует жениться The comedian hoped to be able to marry in the new year. After participating in the show “the Bachelor” Timur Batrutdinov hopes to arrange his personal life and to find a worthy companion.

      Тимур Батрутдинов планирует жениться

      Resident of Comedy club and the main bachelor 2015 Timur Batrutdinov said that still wants to get rid of the status of lone men in 2016. Such recognition Timur made at the celebration party of channel TNT, the recording of which was aired on the night of 31 December to 1 January. At a time when stars Comedy club was announced on stage their desires, Timur said last year you wanted to stop being a bachelor, but a dream, alas, is not true, so that her conscience can be transferred to 2016. By the way, cherished the change of numbers in the calendar Batrutdinov noted in new York in the company of friends – Dmitry “the one” and Sorokin, Zurab Matua. Colleagues of Timur on the TV show was with the couple, but he, alas, one after the affair with Daria Cananachas had time to finish and become a part of history.

      Тимур Батрутдинов планирует жениться

      It should be noted that in the past 2015 for the personal lives of Timur Batrutdinova country watched especially carefully, because on the popular show “the Bachelor,” he was trying to find the one with which will be able to link their fate. Choose Timur had 25 girls, and in the final for his hand and heart fought Muscovite Galina Rzhaksinsky and a native of Tatarstan Daria Kanawha. Contrary to the expectations of the audience, put on old, Batrutdinov gave preference to Dasha and gave the girl a ring. But then the couple gave a lot of reasons for a variety of rumors, because together they really were nowhere to be seen. Appearing at the festival Comedy club in Kazan, the lovers broke up peacefully. All the i’s dotted Dasha, who admitted that detrimental to their with Timur of love became the distance between Moscow and Kazan, and do not match work schedules. She also hinted that she was interested in this relationship much more of a partner, which ultimately led to the breakup.

      Galina Rzhaksinsky Timur, by contrast, have long had a warm friendship, in Moscow, they met and communicated, which gave reason to think, not have been mistaken in his choice, the artist does not think whether he is now to turn the tables and give preference to the Gal? Timur stirred many rumors, not answering direct questions from fans. Finally clarity to the situation made itself Gaal, admitting that her heart was unfree, and in December presented to the public his new young man. Now Gal absolutely happy and looked forward to watching the new season of “the Bachelor”, a hero who was a singer Alexei Vorobyov.

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