Timothy will try their hand in the hospitality business

Тимати попробует свои силы в гостиничном бизнесе

Not long ago, rapper Timati decided to go into the restaurant business. If to be more precise, the musician opened the Burger, which is now a direct competitor to the already well-known for many years-functioning fast-food restaurants, such as McDonalds.

Now, when Timothy was convinced that his idea of a Burger has been winning and is in great demand among the population, he decided to apply his powers in another case.

Timur Yunusov (real name Timothy) decided to open a chain of boutique hotels under the brand name Black Star. At the moment about this fresh project known to very few. Located institution will be mainly in Moscow. While we are talking about the seven hotels.

“I have in my sheet what you need to do is the concept of the Black Star Hotel, to create a network of boutique hotels” — leads TASS words of Timothy.

For the project the rapper has provided a year and a half. The volume of investments, the musician did not disclose, but noted that the first boutique hotel will be designed for 60-70 rooms.

The spraque: boutique hotel (eng. boutique hotel) — hotels, originally appeared in North America and the UK; it is a small hotel usually from 10 to 100 rooms in a unique design in each room.