Timothy urgently hospitalized in Moscow

Тимати экстренно госпитализирован в Москве
The rapper will undergo tests.


Photo: Instagram

Timothy, who always had a good health
this morning was forced to turn to doctors for help: musician
hospitalized in a Moscow clinic. 33-year-old singer and producer
went to the doctors with complaints of pain. In a medical facility artist
suggested a complete examination by a cardiologist and a therapist.

By the way, in
private clinic Timothy came by car “G” in
accompanied by guards, which at the moment does not depart from his house. After
diagnosis doctors diagnose Timothy and prescribe treatment.

“Artists Blask Star enough
tight schedule, in which the body is subjected to a hard load, so once
in a year all the artists of the label are trying to pass a full examination in order
to take measures on restoration of the body,” commented hospitalization
Timothy his PR Manager Maria Kobeleva.