Timothy took the daughter to Turkey for the weekend

Тимати увез дочку в Турцию на выходные
Well-known musician, Timothy decided to organize a daughter and mother an unforgettable weekend in Turkey.

Тимати увез дочку в Турцию на выходные

Timothy together with 3-year-old daughter Alice and mother Simone, visited the zoo, swim with dolphins, ride on a boat.

Тимати увез дочку в Турцию на выходные

“Last time I was in Turkey 15 years ago. Nothing more fun for children I have ever seen. Starting from the rooms to the amazing show! About the food in Turkey can not tell… the Days are so saturated that do not have time to notice how they come to an end, and today we’re going to another place. Very sorry, but all you can find pros. But Alice saw what the life of an artist, and we will definitely be back!” — shared his impressions of Simon.

Recall that the daughter of Timothy gave ex-girlfriend Alena Shishkov, the performer tries to hold the heir as much time as possible, and the education of Alice was working towards the mother of the singer Simona Yunusova.

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