Timothy sang at the wedding of Igor Nikolaev

Тимати спел на свадьбе Игоря Николаева

The last time the clips Timothy different from those he shot before. New videos of the rapper we don’t see expensive cars, burning money and beautiful women. In their place came the folk motifs and images.

So, in his new videoclip for the song “the Magician” Timur Yunusov shot (not believe!) Igor Nikolaev.

Timothy invited the musician adventure, from which he could not refuse.

However, to participate in the music video as a bride Nikolaev agreed immediately. As recognized Timati, artist of hit single “cheers to love” had pougovarivat: “”When I thought about the role of the groom, I couldn’t think of anyone but him. He refused when I offered him, and we were upset. Then I called him a second, third time and did everything that he agreed. Igor Nikolaev — the perfect image of the groom, who orders the wedding of Teimuraz and Magicians”.

The storyline of the clip is pretty simple: Nikolaev with his bride prepared for the wedding and want everything to be on the highest level, because help is sought to Teimuraz and the Magician. To dilute this Duo they called Alexander a Revva, and Gypsy, in between dances, stealing the gifts of the young.

He admits Nikolaev, it was extremely interesting to try myself in something new: “I have never participated in anything like that, but I was terribly interesting, and I think the result will be cool!”

What all happened, you can see now:

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