Timothy “ran” Yegor creed for Daria, Lukinoj

Тимати «наехал» на Егора Крида из-за Дарьи Клюкиной
Rapper demands from his friend’s explanation.

Egor Krid and Daria Klyukina

Photo: Social networks

Timothy took the side of the fans of the TV show “the Bachelor” and also requires Yegor creed publications about what actually happened between him and the winner of the project — Daria Lukinoj. And if the rapper wrote other humorous comments on the social network, he moved on to more decisive action. Timothy creed publicly shamed because of his participation in the “Bachelor” wasn’t any good.

“Egor, here the project was finished “Songs” on TNT and in its logical conclusion — three contracts and three new gang member: НАZИМА, TERRY and DanyMuse! The project was finished “the Bachelor” and why? Explain to us simple people, where the post about Dasha?” — says the rapper in the Network.

Of course, Timothy is only fueling public interest to a couple of creed-Klyukina. In fact, he, as a close friend, has long been aware of the details of the relationship Egor and Darya. It is interesting that, according to rumors, brother Timothy — Artem Yunusov meets with another finalist of “the Bachelor” — Victoria Korotkova. True, the characters discuss the novel has not yet made a confirmation of this information.

As for Lukinoj, she continues to wear the ring that she was given creed, however not on the ring finger and the index… what does this mean close friends of the couple who also keep silent. However, maybe Egor will listen to Timati and still publish the post about the “Dasha”?

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