Тимати сделал подарок дочери за 4 миллиона рублей The rapper bought a chest worth about 68 thousand dollars. The gift delighted the daughter of Timothy and confusion among his fans. In a bright box with the legendary LV monogram Alice Timurovna will store their toys.

Nearly four years ago Timur Yunusov became a father. March 19, 2014 his girlfriend, model Alena Shishkov, gave birth to daughter Alice. The flamboyant rapper whose body is painted with tattoos, freedom-loving young man, producer, musician Timothy has changed markedly, once completely timid dad. He even declared readiness to abandon the stage for Alice, if you really need it.

Mr Black Star spends all his free time with her daughter, dedicates her songs, poems and do not spend money on his Princess. On international women’s day, for example, Alice has received from the Pope “million scarlet roses” – several huge bouquets of flowers. But the big red box of expensive brand Timothy gave her daughter just.

The rapper posted on Instagram photos where Alice is sitting on a huge box with the famous LV monogram is Louis Vuitton.

“Nice toy box, of course! I was hoping that would put him on the stand and will blow off dust particles. This fiasco, bro” – ironically signed photo of the musician.

Fans quickly figured out that this thing is about 68 thousand dollars, which translated into rubles, almost 4 million. And many fans of the rapper believe such gifts outright “show-off”.

“Pathetic, child! In the country the standard of living fell through the floor, and pavoni and jesters all in chocolate”, “Well, Yes, the briefcase is more expensive than some”, “Timothy sang that he was the Golden child. View: this is the real Golden child!”

However, most fans are sure that children do not care what name is written on things. “Well, not just the Pope “brands” to go… In fact, the child does not matter, they saw and without a second thought say, “Oh, what a wonderful chest for my things.”

In fairness, we note that in the main the education of girls engaged grandmother – mother of Timothy. Thanks Simone Yakovlevna Alice learns to write, to read, studying English, loves ballet and loves her parents.

The Timothy’s mom feels awkward for the child