ТИМАТИ: «Я бы многое отдал за то, чтобы происходящее в шоу «ПЕСНИ» ранее случилось в моей жизни» Last Saturday, TNT started a musical project. “We are creating a new show-business” so goes the slogan of the show. At the presentation of the first issue of “the SONG” TIMOTHY told us about what awaits viewers, and also remembered how he achieved success.
ТИМАТИ: «Я бы многое отдал за то, чтобы происходящее в шоу «ПЕСНИ» ранее случилось в моей жизни»

10 Feb on the TNT channel launched the project “SONGS”. In chairs of the jury were two well-known producer, Maxim Fadeev and TIMOTHY. They are looking for new talents that will change the Russian show-business. The winner of the musical show will receive a prize in the amount of five million rubles, and also a contract with the label MALFA or Black Star.

“When the General producer of the channel TNT Vyacheslav Dosmukhamedov told me about the project and explained the structure, I saw the global differences show SONGS from any other music project, where artists just come, sing a song, the jury gives them a rating, and then the participants are either in the finals or out. In the end, I agreed to participate in this project because “SONG” is the coolest show that has no analogues in our country. Here’s a completely different story that involves a reality show in the first place. In the project “SONGS” on the artist can be viewed not only as a skilled musician, but also to assess his personality. Not for some separate interviews, songs, albums, social networks, and consider the material and how it behaves in life, how he builds relationship with the team. And the personal component for me as a producer is very important,” – described the new show TIMOTHY.

ТИМАТИ: «Я бы многое отдал за то, чтобы происходящее в шоу «ПЕСНИ» ранее случилось в моей жизни»

The project has no permanent third member of the jury. Originally, the creators thought that it was another producer, but then abandoned this idea. “The project was attended by many celebrities as the third member of the jury. For example, I did not expect from Vladi from group “the Caste” of such strategies and manners which he showed. Every issue delights us with some new party that create some wave in the course of the program. He gives fresh breath,” says TIMOTHY “StarHit”.

TIMOTHY believes Maxim Fadeev a real professional. The actor recalled how he met with the producer. Then he was a participant of “Factory of stars”.

“The first time I saw Maxim Fadeev, when he was on “idol.” We have then occurred a conflict conversation. We each other did not understand. Maxim Fadeev told me that rap and hip-hop music has no future in our country because it brought up on the melody. He said that all these African things are unlikely to work out. After 15 years, we sit together and create a new show business. Us to work comfortably and well. We have reached an understanding. We’re just here together to change people’s minds the perception of music,” says TIMOTHY.

According to him in a new project there are no restrictions on genres. Black Star is not only producing hip-hop artists and alternative artists.

TIMOTHY I am sure that they will be able to interest the audience, as the format of the project is not like other TV contests. In “SONGS” there is an element of a reality show. 20 selected children will arrive at the tower “mercury” in “Moscow-city”, where they will be under constant surveillance cameras throughout the project.

“Once in the middle of the film I realized that many would give to what is happening in the show happened in my life. If I went for a project of this level, then things would have been different. Now other technologies,” – says TIMOTHY.

In the profile of the musician on the project’s website says that he loves his daughter Alice. The girl came to light in 2014.

“My daughter will choose his occupation and profession, hinder her Hobbies, if they are not hazardous to health, I will not. If she decides to devote himself to music, go for this casting, then let him try. I never had, I’ve decided what to do. So the same thing I plan to do with your kids,” shared TIMOTHY in an interview with “StarHit”.