Тимати прокомментировал арест на 15 суток The musician received a notification Protocol. But Timothy finds that his short speech, which caused the accumulation of huge crowds in the city centre, does not deserve such attention. Public figure Alexander Kaminsky takes a different point of view.
Тимати прокомментировал арест на 15 суток

In the night from 20 to 21 June, Timothy once again proved that he is one of the most popular musicians of the country. Together with Yegor Creed, he organized a mini-concert right on Bolshaya Dmitrovka street, which was the cause of the present transport collapse. Thousands of people gathered to listen to your favorite hits, and then, hardly someone could assume that it is not a sanctioned event, and held the world Cup, will result in such problems for the artists.

Timothy and Yegor Creed, is facing 15 days of arrest

The other day Timothy still received a notification about the need to visit a police station in Tver on July 25 for the Protocol on administrative offense. According to the actor, the situation does not deserve much attention and can turn to it just fine within twenty thousand roubles.

“Why write all that I hide? Am I hiding? Received a summons, everything. I’m facing an administrative fine in the range of 10-20 thousand rubles for disorderly conduct because I seven minutes were on the roof of the car parked on the sidewalk. This along with the rest, of course a serious crime, given that during the 2018 world Cup half of the streets in the centre were regularly blocked. To the person who showed interest in the excitement of this “loud” case, want to address separately: the better way to do serious business in town, and not try to PR on our names?” — posted by Timothy on Instagram.

Opponent to the musicians and their optimistic attitude is not shared. According to Alexander Kaminskogo, anyone who violates the public order in any city of Russia, should be punished regardless of the scope of its activities and income.

“What I wrote Timothy again demonstrates his ignorance of the law. He just received notice that he needed on July 25 to come to the police Department for drawing up Protocol on administrative offense. Article 20.2.2 about the organization of unsanctioned meetings and events very serious, but if Timothy refuses to believe that he was going to make a case for this article, which includes 15 days in jail or 100 hours of work or a fine. If he knew what passes for this article, it came down to the hospital or attempted to go abroad on a business trip. In short, any means to avoid punishment. The only thing I want people who violate the law are held accountable. He writes that the speech only lasted seven minutes, but who cares? Even if it lasted two minutes, with all the Big Dmitrovka shrinks a huge crowd that couldn’t overclock even a couple of hours, and it has significantly disturbed the tranquillity of local residents,” — said Alexander “StarHit”.

According to public figure, he does not need such kind of popularity. Kaminski for many years working to improve the lives of Muscovites, and not committed to PR at the expense of the stars.

But the actions of Timothy Alexander saw the desire to once again prove to the audience that he is the most popular artist of the Russian show business.

At least the video from the street performances held after a couple of weeks of the award “MUZ-TV-2018” Timothy signed contradictory. “To hell with your rotten prize, keep them to yourself”, — said the artist in Instagram, stressing that the fans ‘ love for him is much more important than any awards.

“I have the impression that it is extremely irresponsible person who only cares about popularity among his listeners. He is all ways trying to outdo those who do not believe in its popularity. Armand Davletyarova channel “MUZ-TV”. Thus he wants to show that people can run together, like ants, despite the lack of some sort of awards,” said Kaminski.

According to public figure, and now the case will move much faster. 25 Jul Timothy have to be in OVD Tver that it made the Protocol on an administrative offense under article 20.2.2. Well, after that, the verdict is in. It is possible that ill-fated concert will go to the stars in a monetary penalty, but Alexander Kaminski going to insist on more stringent penalties.