Тимати купил дочке сундук для игрушек стоимостью $68 тысяч
Alice grows “Golden” child.

Тимати купил дочке сундук для игрушек стоимостью $68 тысяч

Daughter Timothy Alice

Photo: Instagram

made daughter Alice, which on Monday will be 4 years, stylish gift.
Despite the fact that the girl never behaves like a spoiled child,
the musician gives her things would be ready “to sell” a
adults, especially susceptible to celebrity brands.

published in Instagram a picture in which Alice is sitting on the big red trunk Louis Vuitton from the collection of the Supreme: he gave his daughter for toys.
“Nice toy box, of course! I was hoping that would put him on the stand
and will blow off dust particles. This fiasco, bro!” — ironically signed frame
musician. The cost of the trunk Louis Vuitton — about 68 thousand dollars!

By the way,
Alice refers to the children of celebrities, thanks to social networks
have become almost more popular than parents. In this case, the grandmother of the baby — Simon
told that the granddaughter is growing absolutely not the “star” child. ”
the pictures in Instagram you may seem that in our life everything is smooth and
nice, but it’s not. We, like everyone else, happen to whims, tantrums, tears,
stubbornness, in General, anything that promotes the growth and development of personality. I
worried it’s hard, but try to be strong and not to go on about
own emotions. If they say no, then keep the word…” — said
mother of Timothy.

Timothy, with daughter Alice