Timothy arranged for daughter’s festival at the Pushkin Museum

Тимати устроил для дочери праздник в Пушкинском музее The rapper organized a little Alice unforgettable celebration. Timothy and the Alena Shishkova gathered friends of the child. They decided that the kids will be interesting and informative program performed by professional artists and Museum staff.
Тимати устроил для дочери праздник в Пушкинском музее

Yesterday the famous rapper and producer Timothy celebrated the birthday of his daughter Alice. The girl came to light four years ago when musician connected relationships with model Alena Shishkova. The artist spares no expense to make the child’s life is truly fabulous. Recently, he gave the girl a magnificent gift, and today an official ceremony was held.

Timothy made a gift to daughter for 4 million roubles

Timati and Alena called friends of Alice. They decided to make a holiday unusual – they rented the Pushkin Museum, so the kids learned something new, not just entertained. Usually such a program included acquaintance with the customs and traditions of birthday celebration in Russia, children play ancient games, listen to classical music performed by a live orchestra.

Тимати устроил для дочери праздник в Пушкинском музее

Apparently, the children received pleasure from such an unexpected and rich program. Alice herself also made a surprise for their guests. She was dressed in a blue ballet tutu and performed a dance to the music of Tchaikovsky – “Dance of the sugar plum Fairy” from the Nutcracker.

Тимати устроил для дочери праздник в Пушкинском музее

Among the invited guests were the children hit home with Larsen, Paul Khudyakov and other celebrities. Star shared videos and photos from the celebration in microblogs. Despite his busy schedule, Timothy was able to find the time to spend the day with his beloved daughter. He didn’t look away from the baby and tried to capture her every move on camera.

Тимати устроил для дочери праздник в Пушкинском музее

Despite the fact that Timothy and the Alena Shishkova broke up, they remain equally concerned about the baby. The mother of rapper Simon Yakovlevna is also involved in the upbringing of a granddaughter. Fans rejoice in the fact that all the relatives maintain friendly relations, and I believe that little Alice does not suffer from lack of attention and love.

Timothy to do all that the daughter had as many Hobbies. She teaches English, is a ballet dancer. Not so long ago, he said that the girl fell in love with flying in aerotrube. The actor shared a video which talked about the success of the child.

“Accumulating flight hours. Independently and confidently orientirueshsya in the stream. Question: why? – Involved in almost all muscle groups and, most importantly, it is a powerful strengthening of the vestibular apparatus. Plus it looks like that is my favorite sport Alice Timurovna. Of course, after the ballet. In fact, we are preparing for this jump in tandem, only Simone don’t talk about it, Shh,” wrote Timothy in the microblog.