Тимати и Егору Криду грозит 15 суток ареста Public figure Alexander Kaminski made sure that Timothy and Yegor creed started administrative proceedings. The scandal erupted due to unauthorized concert of musicians in the center of Moscow, which for them now can result in a fine or arrest.
Тимати и Егору Криду грозит 15 суток ареста

In late June, fans of Timothy and Yegor creed received an unexpected gift: their idols are made directly on Bolshaya Dmitrovka street in Central Moscow. The musicians lit on the roof of the white SUV, and a short concert gathered a huge crowd of onlookers.

“It’s chaos”: Timati and creed will be punished for the tube in the center of Moscow

It would seem that this event was not unusual, because the stars are often in open areas, but it was about unauthorised speech, and held the football world Cup. Member of the Public Council under research Affairs of Russia Alexander Kaminsky decided not to stand aside from the blatant violations and untied artists present war. As a result, the Timothy and creed brought an administrative case under article 20.2 “Breach of established order of organizing or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or picketing”.

“Representatives Timothy at first said he’s out of town, and now they have nothing to say. The fact that over the weekend he was in Moscow, on Monday performed at a concert Leps, but it continues to disappear from the agenda. Three compositions in my statement submitted to POLICE in Tver, so far received one response. In the end, started administrative proceedings. It provides punishment in the form of a fine, 100 hours of forced labor or up to 15 days of arrest at the discretion of the judges,” — said the “StarHit” Alexander Kaminski.
Тимати и Егору Криду грозит 15 суток ареста

According to social activist, Timothy and creed must be held accountable for illegal actions that created a lot of inconvenience to Muscovites and guests of the capital. The hearing is to be held in the near future, and if the stars or their representatives fail to appear, the court will adopt a most severe punishment.

“Remember how he treated the incident as you commented on it in social networks. Timothy clearly does not feel responsible for their illegal actions. Moreover, he specially organized a performance of this scale, to once again assert themselves after not received the music award (the award “MUZ-TV” – approx. ed). Judging by all these facts and also taking into account the disregard of court appeals, we can say that the decision on the penalty is not likely to endure. I think the court will choose a more strict measure” — told public figure.

Earlier fans of Timothy were certain that the artist is simply not aware of the proceedings carried out against him. However, now that the case has become such a serious turn, they suggest, the rapper and his colleague Egor Creed, to quickly understand the problem.

According to Alexander Kaminskogo, he’s not chasing popularity. Moreover, the public figure would take on the case anyway, even if his opponents were not stars, but ordinary citizens.

Apparently, Timothy and Yegor Creed, still have to attend meetings and deal with problems. Otherwise, the fans may lose their creativity for a long 15 days, that’s the kind of administrative arrest, as well musicians in case of further ignoring of the court.