Тимати и Виктория Лопырева похвастались своими молодыми мамами

Victoria Lopyreva is often blamed for the fact that her appearance is not the result of hard work on yourself and master the “magic” of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists.

However, published on the page in Instagram joint with mom photos, dot the I.

28 June the mother of Victoria Irina was 57 years old. To congratulate Lopyreva decided the birthday touching words: “My Queen, my love, my life! Happy Birthday to my favorite mommy You’re the best mom in the world, best friend and best role model! I love you.”

Тимати и Виктория Лопырева похвастались своими молодыми мамами

Members of the Wiki did not hide his enthusiasm for how young and good looking her mother, also noted that mother and daughter could be mistaken for sisters.

“I thought it’s your friend! such a young mother!” “Mother as a girl. That’s why Vika is so young and beautiful”, “It’s mom??? my God, what a beauty!”, “Now I understand why you so pretty mom Monica Bellucci similar,” commented the photo Loparevich followers.

No less than Victoria beautiful appearance of his mother is proud of the rapper Timati.

Simona Yunusova has long been known to the Internet users. Account for women following a few hundred thousand people, however, many continue to wonder and to admire her young form.

The wife of rapper Dino MC Mishan Mishin has released a new photo with Simone, which is not indifferent to the users of the network.

“Simon is generally a young girl. Reading her posts, she’s a great Grandmother and Mother!” “Simon is an incredible woman!” “Simon, all younger, that she’s a lucky woman, age is not reflected on it!”, “Pretty woman,and legs are cool))”, “good job,refuses short skirts, respect!!”, “I would never have believed that this beautiful blond girl, not the other way it will not be called, great grandma Alice,” commented a photo of Simone’s Internet users.

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