Тимати и Алена Шишкова: снова вместе, снова рядом
Old lovers reunited for their daughter.

Тимати и Алена Шишкова: снова вместе, снова рядом

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Not the Anastasia Reshetova had to go to a detox clinic, as her fiance, Timothy was immediately reunited with his former lover. However, the rapper spent with Alena Shishkova just one night: they were both present at the birthday party of their common daughter Alice.

Yesterday the girl was 4 years old. In honor of this event was arranged for an incredible holiday. That’s not the restaurant invitation fashionable animators, dressed in disney characters, as is customary in a stellar coterie. The solemn part of the celebration for Alice staged cultural figures in the famous Pushkin Museum in Moscow. This, incidentally, was the idea of mother Timothy Simone, which mainly deals with the education and development of a granddaughter.

“I am very glad I found like-minded people who care about what our children will grow up! — thanked Simon after the feast of the organizers of the action. — I vote for the Culture! Much more important than the wealth of the soul, then everything else is easier, as the soul has something to do and something to think about… the Whole holiday I was watching the children. It was really interesting despite the fact that many first came to the Museum. Now an age when everyone is instantly absorbed. If we teach children to feel and see beauty, then the beauty will become their natural need, which means they will live better and more interesting!”

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Timothy, who was also left in awe of the occasion and the speech daughter (Alice danced in a tutu), in turn, promised to provide her all the necessities in life.

“I’m trying to make in her life was all that was seen even I myself at 34, he said. — Of course, much spoiling I’m not going, but wish she’d grow up smart, versatile developed, and most importantly a happy girl!!! Thank you mom for his invaluable contribution to her upbringing and Alena for this gift!”

“My favorite Fox, let your life will be a lot of happy and unforgettable moments full of direct the children’s joy! wished Shishkova daughter. And dad love you very much and thank fate for what you we have.”

In the evening the whole company “relocated” to the restaurant, where adults were able to communicate at the holiday table and look at the big video monitor, which was removed and has installed specially invited to the celebration experts.

By the way, fans were surprised that the official companion Timothy went to the clinic on the eve of such an important event in the life of a loved one. Apparently, “not everything is smooth in the Danish Kingdom”, and despite three years of relationship, while Anastasia in the star family is not perceived as a family member.